A New Neighborhood

7 Jul

This weekend was really low key because most of my group went on a trip to Iguazu Falls and I stayed in the city.  I will get to see the falls or cataratas in October and hopefully the weather will be even nicer then.  While my group was away my host sister took me out to a place called “The Alamo” to celebrate the Fourth of July.  I thought that was kind of appropriate.  But being the only American in a group of Argentines on your country’s national day of independence isn’t quite the same as eating a hot dog and watching fireworks (in America).

I took a little walk around my neighborhood so I could post some pictures and give my readers (AKA mom and dad) a sense of where I live.  I live in Recoleta which is in the northeast part of Buenos Aires.  It is relatively close to the river and there is a lot of “old money” here.  This may explain why I thought the average age of a Porteño was 65 until I began regularly leaving my neighborhood.

I live right on la Plaza de San Martín or San Martin Square.  I was a little scared to whip my camera out while I was alone so these are not amazing photographs by any means.  The Subte stop is on the plaza as well.  If you look at the top picture (in the photo collage), you might even be able to see the blue sign on the bottom right hand corner.

Plaza de San Martin

I seem to live around all the different embassies.  Within a few blocks of my house are the embassies of Colombia, Vatican City, Liberia, Switzerland, Guatemala, and Romania.  There is also a giant palace that houses the Argentine equivalent of the state department (from what I can discern).  It is one of prettiest buildings I have seen since I have been here and it is HUGE.  It sits right on the plaza.

007 (3)         009 (3)

My neighborhood is relatively residential but one block away you can find the main drag- Santa Fe street.  Here there is a Farmacity (like a CVS or Walgreens) as well as different Kioskos.  Kioskos are like gas stations but without the gas.  There are a lot of flower vendors on the streets.  Also, people don’t believe in picking up their dog’s poop here.  But they do strongly believe in PDA.  Now, you have a snapshot of what it like to walk up and down my street, sort of.  If you’re still a little foggy, then you should come visit me.


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  1. Your Mom July 7, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    I am still a little foggy so I’m coming to visit.

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